Old apple variety id

Asked September 13, 2020, 10:48 PM EDT

Hello! We have an old apple tree we are trying to identify. It was planted prior to 1972, it’s a crisp, lightly sweet, juicy, bicolor fruit. It makes great applesauce and pie. Someone said Gravensteins, but it’s not that flavored. We have used an identifier and got close to “Old English Dr Kidd“ but it’s not quite right. Can you help? It was planted at our dairy on Stringtown road in Forest Grove. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Kathi 971/470-1225

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for reaching out to Extension. For an ID you need three "normal" apples with stem and leaves attached. The best identifiers we know are in the Home Orchard Society based in Clackamas area. If it is a heritage apple your chances are probably better than if it is a very new cultivar. Worldwide there are supposed to be about 5000 varieties. That being said grocery markets rarely have more than 5-6.

Visit: https://www.homeorchardsociety.org/. They can also guide you to more local identifiers if there are some.