Halimiocistus root system

Asked September 13, 2020, 7:40 PM EDT

I want to improve drainage when I plant a Merristwood cream halimiocistus plant. How deep do their root systems grow? Are they more lateral? Just trying to figure out how much to dig and amend without creating worse conditions in my clay soil. Thank you!

Benton County Oregon

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That Halimiocistus is not a very large plant and so I think you would find the majority of roots in the top 6" of soil. So just digging with a shovel will work up the top 12", which should be sufficient. Just doing that is probably enough to provide a good rooting environment as it will alleviate any compaction. Adding a modest amount of organic matter is fine for promoting development of good structure, which is really the thing that will provide drainage long term. despite it's reputation, clay is a good growing environment and since most Mediterranean plants are accustom,ed to growing in far poorer and drier soils than ours, in Oregon they will typically grow considerably larger tan in their native environment.