Soil nutrients

Asked September 13, 2020, 1:20 PM EDT

Zucchini just sitting there so dosed with plantfood15-30-15. Noticiple difference. Now has slowed and I will dose again. Couple of years again I added mushroom compost and garden was not good. Tilth was good but production down. PH testing not practice at this time. Any suggestions?

Linn County Oregon

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A soil test both pH and nutrients would be advised before next years planting to see if you need amendments. Zucchini are hard to slow down once they get started, but a lack of nitrogen or other essential element can do it. I made the mistake last year of planting in an area I had forgotten that my husband had dug up, but turned lots of the chip mulch into the soil. The nitrogen was so bound up - the plants never grew, and when they did only have one sex of flower :(

If they have just started to slow down it could be because of our cool evening temps - all of my warm season plants went on a full stop last week after a few cooler nights.

At this point in the season, unless you are using covers - it would be hard to get the plant producing.