Ornamental grass

Asked September 12, 2020, 1:45 PM EDT

Recently moved into a new house so I know nothing about the plants I inherited. There are a lot of larrge ornamental grasses that have begun to droop and spill onto the patio and walkways. Should I stake them? Support fencing around them? Do I cut them back before winter or in the spring?

Macomb County Michigan

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If the plant is not in a location you desire or is too large, you can trans plant or divide the plant it in the spring. Try using a large tomato or flower cage in the spring to keep it somewhat contained and from drooping onto the patio and walk ways.
The best time to cut back ornamental grass is early spring. You'll want to avoid doing ornamental grass pruning in the fall, as the plant has not yet died back all the way. If you try to cut back fountain grass in the fall, you may cause it to go into a growth spurt, which will make it more vulnerable to the coming cold weather and will reduce its chances of surviving the winter. When you cut back the grass in the spring remove the dried grass clipping to allow the sun to warm up the crown of the plant to start it's new growth. For more info please click on the attached link.