Weeping Cherry Tree

Asked September 12, 2020, 12:13 PM EDT

I have a weeping cherry tree that appears to be healthy and strong. However, the other trees I have seen have an expanse of bare trunk from the ground upward into the weeping branches. Mine has branches growing out from the trunk from ground to top, no bare expanse. It is around 6'-7' tall and has been where it is planted for 3 summers now. Everything I have read says do not cut the weeping branches unless they are diseased. So, is my tree normal? Should I prune the lowest branches this fall or spring? Will it eventually develop that base of bare trunk if I leave it the way it is?

Cortland County New York

1 Response

Hello, and thank you for contacting us. Could you please send us a photo of your tree? Just send it as a reply to this email so it is routed correctly. With a photo, we may be able to advise you.