elephant ears how to winterize for spring

Asked September 11, 2020, 6:33 PM EDT

Have giant elephant ear tubers that need to be removed from outdoor planters/ground and stored in heated garage. How much of the roots should be kept on the bottom of the tumors? Should the tubers be dug out after the first frost and be left to dry and how long before i place them in potting mix for the winter? Should the tubers be totally under the potty mix?? How much potty mix should be on top and on bottom of tubers? Should the tubers be lightly watered once a month or so or left without any water till replanting in spring? What should outdoor temps be before replanting outside in ground or planters. Have read different insructions for winterizing elephant ears in Michigan. Want the tubers to survive the winter to replant in Spring. My favorite perennial... thankng you in advance for your assistance. take care...

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Such a fun plant! Here are some through articles that talk about their care, covering the questions noted. There are some people who store directly in the pots they get planted in.