Why are bees swarming around my deck? Are they bees?

Asked September 11, 2020, 6:05 PM EDT

I think yellow jackets are attracted to my plastic picnic table on the deck. Regardless of how well I scrub it down or what natural repellents I use, they are constantly on the table. Is there something about the plastic that attracts them or should I be concerned that they are nesting nearby like under my deck?

Ingham County Michigan

1 Response

These are yellow jackets. It is quite normal for yellow jackets to become more noticeable in fall, as their food sources become limited. They could be searching for insect prey on the plants behind the table. Or, if this table is used for meals/drinks, they are searching for any spilled sweets or fruits to feed on.

Finally, do you notice any wasps flying in and out of the small holes in the table's support system? It is possible there could be a small nest within or beneath your deck.
If you find the nest, you could treat the entrance with an insecticidal dust.