space required for kadaknath chicken

Asked September 11, 2020, 11:57 AM EDT

how much space required for 1000 chicks to brooding?
how much space required for 1000 chicken to grow after brooding?
how much area required to free range 1000 kadaknath chicken farming?

i have plane to farming in Nepal.

Outside United States

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Since this is an American based program, I had to look up Kadaknath Chicken. Looks very interesting. I also see it is a relatively large chicken - much larger than a broiler type chicken. Since people often raise broilers to different weights so space allotment is typically based on weight. I think that may not work for you. You should probably go by the spacing for dual-purpose type chickens.
Internal space allotment: After having said that, I would suggest 1/2 square foot per chick for the first two weeks and then 1 square foot to about 8 weeks. 2 square feet per chicken thereafter. So you will need 500 square feet for 1000 chicks in the initial brooding and then 2000 square feet by the end.
Free-range space will depend on the conditions of the outdoor area. If we want them to get any nutrition from the outside you need relatively good pasture. I would recommend at least 3 square feet per chicken outside.