Aspergelis mold

Asked September 11, 2020, 11:53 AM EDT

I rented a room in a house that has mold and I ended up having major surgery because of the mold. I tested for aspergillus and the mold was by my airspace on my left lung. I had the surgery in April of 2020 I moved out of the house on January 25th of 2020 and came to stay in Nevada with my daughter and it was here that I had my surger. and there is no mold here period. I was 65 and turned 66 while I was living in that house. So the people that lived there when I was there are still there and have been there for many years and the man that rents the home is 63 and he can't afford to hire somebody to come and test and fix the home for that mold so what can he do to have that problem taken care of I'm moving back to Oregon but I will not be living in that house again I will be living with a friend whose apartment does not have mold but the man that runs the home needs to have that home it's actually a modular but it needs to be tested and it needs to be fixed so how can he do that.???

Lane County Oregon

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I am so sorry to hear about your experience. As it is a rented home, the Oregon State Residential Landlord & Renter Act would apply. The act states that the landlord is responsible for providing "a home that is clean, safe, and habitable at the time the renter moves in." In some areas, there may be assistance provided to landlords to help remediate the mold. The resources I provided below will have more information.

I am also including some resources related to tenant rights and groups that support tenant rights under this law.

For an overview of Renter's Rights, I suggest this website from the Oregon Health Authority. The right sidebar links to the Renter's Rights, a PDF document.

Several counties have a tenant hotline. There is a Springfield & Eugene tenant association that you may find helpful.
Hotline: 541-972-3715

Information for other areas of Oregon is available through the Community Alliance of Tenants. You will need to scroll towards the bottom for all resources.

I hope these resources are helpful, and I hope your return to Oregon goes smoothly!