High level of nitrates in horse drinking water

Asked September 11, 2020, 8:13 AM EDT

I just found out my well water has nitrates at 33.80 mg/L. Is this safe for my horse to drink? What is the max amt of nitrates that is safe for horses to drink? If this water is unsafe for my horse I’m considering getting an ion exchange nitrate filter system to remove the nitrates but then my horse will be drinking softened water with chloride levels of 60-100 ppm. Would this be safe? Thanks in advance for answering my questions

Allegan County Michigan

1 Response

Nitrate levels under 100 ppm (mg/L) are considered in the safe range for livestock so your water should be fine for your horses. Horses will need to adjust to any change in water, including drinking chlorinated water, as they are very sensitive to taste and smell. The adjustment period can last up to 3 days and during that time a horse may experience dehydration. Flavoring the water can help encourage drinking during this time. Below are some articles on water quality and horses.