Are you nuts?

Asked September 10, 2020, 9:37 PM EDT

This is advice on draining potential wetlands! I thought we got rid of this kind of Extension garbage 40-years ago!

Multnomah County Oregon

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I looked at the link and I do not see any place that mentions Oregon State University or the OSU Extension Service. Can you tell me where you see that mentioned in the document. We typically clearly have a logo and a disclaimer on our materials. The website link is not associated with us, so I need some more information to help answer your question if this was provided by our organization. Thanks


The web link I provided was not the source of my complaint but rather my suggestion for Coop Extension as alternative response to questions about "how do I make my soils suitable for gardening?" . . . where complaint by landowner was sulphur bad smell and grey soil horizon (hydric soil indicators) instead of Coop Extension paraphrased response: "You need to drain it!" Apparently this web application did not keep track of the original QA Coop Extension web page where I saw this shocking response so I can't retrieve that for you.

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John Marshall

Thank you for the information. I'll look back through our Oregon questions to see if I can find it. This platform receives thousands of questions per day. In Oregon we can get 50 to a 100 easily on a slow day. Not all of the experts that provide answers are part of the Extension Service, some are members of industry.