Mint rhizomes

Asked September 10, 2020, 7:14 PM EDT

Transplanting mint as a ground cover, will it grow when planting chunks of rhizome. No leaves. Just the runner with fibrous root coming off it.

Ingham County Michigan

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Thanks for the question. As long as it has some nodes you should be okay. Check out the following link:

I hope this helps,

Thanks Barry.

I tried to get image clarification from the internet for a mint node on a rhizome and did not have very good luck. Is the node the area on the rhizome where the fibrous roots emanate? They seem to stick out in rings of fiber every couple of inches along the rhizome. I will be planting them about 12 inches on center in an area about ten by seventy feet to act as a ground cover.

Thanks again, BG

Yes, you have it right. Good luck!