Asked September 9, 2020, 10:21 AM EDT

I have what was called a hummingbird vine ( campsis radicans ). I planted it last spring. It grow tall with lots of healthy foliage but not a single flower. Same thing so far this season ? What to do? Thanks

Fayette County Kentucky

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Campsis radicans is a very tough plant that is know by many names. Trumpet vine, Trumpet creeper, Cow-itch, Cow vine, Hummingbird vine, Devil's shoestring, and even Hellvine are a few of the common names and nicknames. While this plant can easily be grown in many different types of soils and it will even grow vines and vigorously produce foliage in shade or part shade, it usually requires full sun to bloom. So that is the first thing I would take into consideration. If it is in full sun, the next thought I have is to just give it more time. Often times plants will begin flowering only after they have well established themselves in a location which can sometimes take up to 3 or 4 years. But since this plant is considered semi-invasive in this region, as long as it's in full sun then the odds are it will have blooms in no time. Here is a link for more info about this plant, . Feel free to call us at the Fayette Extension Office, (859) 257-5582, for any further assistance.