What Weed is this, please?

Asked September 8, 2020, 9:37 AM EDT

Hello, I completely cleared my weed lawn and stripped it to just dirt soil. I was very happy and was going to wait for next spring to start my new zoysia lawn. After about a month or possibly two after day after day of rain, my dirt lawn turned into a jungle with multiple types of overgrown weeds making my house look like an abandoned property that no one likes to see in their neighborhood. Extremely embarrassing. I have almost completely cleared the jungle once again, but found that these weeds in the picture below were rather pretty.and are low to the ground. If appropriate, these weeds would provide good ground cover and would likely allow me to not have to mow or to keep mowing to a minimum. Since they were already in the ground they apparently like the soil and the conditions. I want a maintenance free or low-maintenance lawn. Can you identify this weed so that I can do some research on whether it would be a good idea to let the weed spread and cover my dirt lawn completely? Thank you very much

Prince George's County Maryland

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There is an old saying: Nature hates a vacuum. It's true, that if we clear an area of weeds or undesirable plants, something (weeds, invasive plants) is going to fill up that space if we do not immediately fill it with our choice of plants.

This is a weed known as common lespedeza. It is not native. https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/common-lespedeza-or-japanese-clover You will have to kill it before you can plant a lawn.

It is perennial, but also is deciduous so it will not be green at all in the winter. Though the photo shows its pink flower, flowers are so small they are virtually invisible.

Here is our information about a zoysiagrass lawn: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/planting-and-maintaining-zoysia-lawn


Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your response. So are you saying that if I were to use it as ground cover instead of planting a zoysia grass lawn, it would not be a good idea?

Thank you