apple tree, worm in apples

Asked September 8, 2020, 12:34 AM EDT

I only have 2 trees, one old and one that is three years old. Worms are my biggest problem plus the bump spots on the outside. Help with home remedies, when and how to apply what?

Washington County Oregon

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It's likely you have one of two differnt worms in your apples: the codling moth or the apple maggot.

The codling moth enters the apple leaving a small pile of frass (crumbly excrement) at he entry. It then goes to the fruit's core.

Evidence of the apple maggot is more subtle -- small dimples in the skin. In the fruit's flesh narrow, faint brown lines. The longer the fruit is in storage before it is eaten, then more fine brown lines in the flesh.

To easily differentiate between the two, please cut an apple in half, extending vertically from the stem end through to the blossom end, then send me a picture.

Also send me a picture of the bumps on the apples.

Please send well-focused, full-sized images. You can attach 3 images to one reply. If you have more, reply again.

I look forward to seeing your images.