Creeping Charlie

Asked September 7, 2020, 1:22 PM EDT

In the past two months creeping Charlie has taken over nearly 2/3 of my 800 square foot lawn. I only had this in the flower beds but somehow it exploded. I have bought Weed B Gon and am testing an area. The label lists creeping Charlie. In the Spring, after aerating and reseeding last Fall, we had a nice lawn. Now it's hard to see the grass. Is killing creeping Charlie with Weed B Gon a fruitless task? Do I need to rip out the entire lawn and if I do, how can I be sure the creeping Charlie won't grow again? Do I need to buy grass sod and do you have a list of reputable sellers and installers? Such a mess. I would never have foreseen this after how good my lawn looked in the Spring.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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There are many Weed B Gone products, so we don't know if you are using an effective one. Here is our webpage about it, including what to apply:

We recommend that you apply an effective herbicide now (fall is a great time to do so as weeds are pulling chemicals into their roots for the winter.) Apply again in spring. This is a tough weed. Pull wherever you can and be sure to get the roots. It's possible to get rid of it, but think of it as a military campaign that will last a while.