Suggestions for ordinances allowing backyard poultry.

Asked September 7, 2020, 10:01 AM EDT

There was a document published in 2010 authored by Darren Karcher. Why were the suggestions so restrictive? *Limit the raising of chickens to single or two-famly residences only and the number of chickens to 4 to 6 per site. * No roosters (male adult chickens) may be kept. * Poultry should not be allowed in a residence, porch or attached garage. Chickens must be confined in a house or coop in the backyard of the residence with a minimum of 1 square foot per bird (144 square inches). An outside, enclosed run may or may not be allowed. The run should be no larger than 8 feet by 8 feet, and it should be attached to the coop. The rest of the suggestions are beneficial for the poultry keeper as well as for the poultry and the community. Why wouldn’t these be the only suggestions? The limits imposed make raising meat birds for personal use extremely difficult. Limit choices about the purposes for poultry keeping, raising show birds, raising laying hens, raising meat birds, and raising birds for sale at poultry sales/swaps. Additionally, the restrictive nature makes raising varios types of poultry problematic, Turkeys, Chickens, and Ducks. When ordering birds from Hatcheries, the minimum number is typically 15. These restrictions make purchasing chicks from Hatcheries difficult. In an era where “farm to table” and “knowing where your food comes from” are recommended, these restriction are in conflict. Are these suggestions under review? Is there an opportunity for revision? Is it possible for the Michigan right to farm act to be reinstated? Thank you, Sean

Livingston County Michigan

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That article is suggestions for urban poultry. Each city or town will set their own regulations regarding poultry. So, you should check with your city regarding it's individual laws. These are very good suggestions and will keep noise, disease and problems to a minimum for urban poultry.

Right to farm is still the law, again the paper you references is merely suggestions for each urban area.