Property tax on barn

Asked September 7, 2020, 6:21 AM EDT

Is there property tax on barns built before 1938 ?

Saginaw County Michigan

2 Responses

The term "property tax" is misunderstood.
Personal Property tax is typically on machinery used in a trade or business. In Michigan, farmers are exempt from paying "property taxes"

"Real Estate taxes" are on real estate like land, buildings and houses. Farmers are not exempt from these taxes. All permanent structures on land are exposed to real estate taxes including old barns. The barn may not be worth much depending on lots of factors.
Qualified ag land can be enrolled in PA116, where the land owner can benefit from potential real estate tax refund on the enrolled land. The refund is based upon the taxpayers household income and the amount of real estate tax paid on the enrolled property.

There could be local tax exemptions. Talk to your township assessor.