Problem with Honeycrisp aplle tree and fruit

Asked September 6, 2020, 6:36 PM EDT

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me identify the problem with my honeycrisp tree. The growing year went well until a couple of weeks ago. The leaves started turning brown and the fruit have dimples in them. Most appear to not have bugs in them. I also have a Fuji & Liberty apple trees. They do not have the problem Can you tell what is wrong and how do I prevent it next year? Thanks for the help.

Livingston County Michigan

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Honeycrisp leaves develop light colored zones due to build up of a storage sugar. This is not harmful to the tree. The brown patches may be due to the apple flea weevil, seen mainly in trees with little spray coverage.,laying%20eggs%20in%20the%20spring.

The dimples in the fruit are usually due to one or more plant bugs (tarnished, stink bug) feeding--they stick a slender mouthpart through the apple skin and suck out contents. Another possibility is apple maggot. For this pest you may see very tiny trails in the fruit.

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