Dying cherry tree

Asked September 6, 2020, 5:45 PM EDT

What's wrong with my dwarf cherry tree? It's dying one branch at a time, and the trunk is splitting (see photos). It bore fruit for two years; this year it didn't even bloom. I can't see any insects or fungus. It's pretty close to a bamboo stand, and it did get its roots really wet both of the last two winters. Can I save it?

Linn County Oregon

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I'm going to need a little bit more information to help answer this question. How old is this tree and can you describe where it is planted?

Could you please send additional photos as a reply to the message? It would be really helpful to stand back and take a picture of the entire tree. Then take a photo showing a closer shot of an affected branch.

Take a close look at the tree from the tip of an affected branch and follow it down to the base. Notice anything unusual? Any damage at the base of the tree where it meets the ground? Take a photo if you see anything odd.

I think the limit is three photos at a time, but you can reply more than once if needed. Thanks!