Green beans processed in a pressure cooker instead of a pressure canner

Asked September 6, 2020, 3:27 PM EDT

I canned my garden green and yellow beans using a pressure cooker fot 20 mins. before I realized that a pressure cooker/canner should be used instead. The canned jars all look good after a month and a half but I am unsure if they are safe . I also canned my peas for 40 mins. In the pressure cooker . Can I reprocess them in the new pressure cooker/canner I bought or should I boil the contents before consuming or toss them all. I have around 20 pints.

Outside United States

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Pressure cooker is not recommended to pressure can. Mostly because it does not consistently keep the treatment temperature while processing it. Due to this important factor, the food processed using a cooker instead of a pressure canner will not produce a safer product. Even if you were to pressure can, it will affect the food texture severely and make it unpalatable to eat. Low acid foods such as vegetables can potentially grow botulism-causing bacteria therefore, I recommend that you safely discard the product and not consume it. Please find resources on this link regarding pressure canning low acid foods (vegetables and meats). Link: