Apple Tree

Asked September 6, 2020, 3:14 PM EDT

When I purchased my home there were apple trees already on the property and had been neglected for years. One, in particular, started dying and finally had to be cut down. After a while, new trees started to grow from the old tree spot. After identifying them as new apple trees, I am curious as to how to move them or if they can be moved without killing them? I've been told by locals that if they grow from the roots of the old tree they can't be moved. It is close to the house so it would be best to move them. There is more than one tree in the spot and have been growing for over a year. Thanks.

Bell County Kentucky

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I think these are sprouts from the lower truck or root system (commonly called suckers) and likely do not have any roots of their own. You can dig around the base to see if this is true. If there are roots you can cut the suckers off where they are attached to the original tree and transplant them. Fall is the ideal time to do so. Also, if the original tree was grafted, these resulting plants are probably not the same as the original tree and may have fruit that more resembles crab apples than apples.