Viburnum pest

Asked September 6, 2020, 2:20 PM EDT

Since first leafing in the spring my old snow ball viburnum's leaves are riddled with oval holes, the leaves look like lace, (it still flowered profusely). I have not spotted any insect or larvae or eggs on the stems. What might be eating my shrub and how should I deal with it? Thanks

Macomb County Michigan

1 Response

It sounds like viburnum leaf beetle could be the cause. I would recommend looking at the following document to see what their egg cases look like: The eggs appear different than many other insect eggs. It's possible that Japanese beetle could also be feeding on plants, but Japanese beetles are usually not active until late June.

Scour the stems one more time to double check that you don't have any eggs on the plant. If you find any, prune those areas out to get a head start on avoiding viburnum leaf beetle damage in the following season.