Blight or infestation on rosemary.

Asked September 6, 2020, 1:37 PM EDT

Please help me identify the infestation on this rosemary. It has come on quite suddenly and advanced quickly late this summer. Your recommendation as to solving it would be appreciated. Or should I remove the plant?
Many thanks!

Gates County North Carolina

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Hey there,

It's hard to tell, but spider mites could be the problem. Rosemary usually doesn't have many problems, but I do see webbing. Try this - blast the plant with a strong stream from the hose. Don't fertilize. You could use some horticulture-oil/soap spray (following all label directions) along with the treatment. If spider mites are the problem, this will help. You can go ahead and cut-out what's dead. It may take until next spring for the plant to fully recover.

Hope this helps!