What is making these?

Asked September 6, 2020, 12:25 PM EDT

Hi! I am wondering what insect or bug is forming these. We have them all over our back porch. They are sticky and have to be scraped off the furniture. I don’t see them on any vegetation in the yard. Whatever is inside is green because when smushed, that’s what oozes out. Thank you for your help!

Fayette County Kentucky

1 Response

I looked at the photos and also had another look at them. They appear to be pupae of an insect, probably a small caterpillar. You won't see them on vegetation as they have already completed their feeding. With the large number masses together, they were very synchronized in development. Without letting them hatch out, we won't be able to provide a positive ID. In terms of management, since they don't move or feed in this stage, and insecticide is not helpful. The best course of action would be to scrape them off and through them away.