Two tail feathers

Asked September 6, 2020, 11:06 AM EDT

I , too, have a young female turkey by herself. The others chased her away. She only has two tail feathers. The others still come around but she is not let into their group. We have around 40 wild turkeys but this young female is all on her own. I said female but he might be a young male. I cannot tell!

Lane County Oregon

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Thank you for reaching out to Ask and Expert. Thank you for sharing this report, it sounds like you are sending this as a follow up to something, unfortunately I am not sure what to. These questions make there way to a central location and then we assign out to different program. To best direct your comment can you provide a bit more detail? Or do you have a question associated with this? Thank you for the clarification so we can best address.

My question is I have a turkey that is being picked on by the others and is on his own. They fight with it every time it tries to join them. I cannot tell if it is make or female so I sent a picture that perhaps you can tell. Why is it being attacked?

It is always hard to know why chickens or turkeys attack each other. It is not possible to know what the possible causes are with your situation. Poultry have a social hierarchy known as a pecking order. It could be that this turkey is at the bottom of the pecking order. It could also be a nutritional deficiency in the flock. It could also be that the turkey is sick.
It looks like a hen, but hard to tell from the photo.