Can you suggest a productive pole bean for Casper

Asked September 6, 2020, 8:26 AM EDT

I grew scarlet runner beans this year that flowered and reached up to the gutter of the house but not one bean on the plants.I was hoping some cool weather might help but the coming freeze
is going to kill them.
Do you know of some varieties of runner beans or pole beans that produce in Casper? Some of the winter squash is going to get picked early. Will they ripen off the vine and be tasty.Thanks

Natrona County Wyoming

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The key for garden plants started from seed here in Natrona County is to select varieties that mature in 90 days or less. We have an average of 110 days, but this year is a great (sad) example of why it is good to go for short day varieties instead of hoping for a long season.

Here is a list of winter squash that are 80 to 100 days to maturity. You can start seed indoors and transplant to get a jump on the season. Transplanting them does set the back a few days but they catch up.

Here is a UW Extension publication on Vegetable Gardening. It includes some variety suggestions.

That publication is very informative

Glad to help through this venue or in person at our local UW Extension Office.

Good luck with your garden for next season.