Core Aeration vs Core Aeravation

Asked September 5, 2020, 2:19 PM EDT

We live in northern Baltimore County (zip 21120) and the property is a little less than 3 acres. It is primarily flat. The established lawn in its 30th year is in good shape. We had core aeration and over seed done 2 years ago and I believe it is time for it to be done again. We have several estimates, all reasonably close to one another, so price is not the driver here. One provider does aeravation. I know the difference in procedures and that core aeration is "messier", my question though is which is better for the turf and lawn: core aeration or core aeravation? Thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland

2 Responses

We would go with the standard lawn aeration procedure. It might be considered 'messy' by some but the breakdown of the plugs on top of the soil provides some organic matter back into the soil. There is no need to remove these plugs but they should be allowed to decompose naturally. It really doesn't take too long. I can see why someone would prefer core aeravation and it certainly has its benefits for a lawn used by the public such as at a golf course. But unless you are planning on using your lawn for some type of occasion standard aeration is fine.


Thank you very much!