Headspace in canning

Asked September 5, 2020, 2:45 AM EDT

Hello I am wondering if it’s okay to can half batches in a quart jar and not have the usual headspace? Is it safe to eat when jar sealed good? Tx much Kris

Alger County Michigan

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Good Morning,
It is not ok to can half batches in a quart jar. You need to use pint jars if you don't have enough to fill a quart jar. You should always follow the specified headspace in the research-tested recipe as well.
If you leave more headspace than called for, you may not have a good seal (air may not be properly driven out of the jar) their is also potential for food to dry out.
If you overfill your jars there is potential for the food to boil out during processing, possibly causing the lid to not seal properly.
Also remember if a recipe calls for one size jar, you can always go smaller, but never larger. You will still process for the prescribed time, making no adjustments.
Wishing you safe preserving,

Shall I pitch the half full jars?
tx much

After this extended period of time, I would to be safe.