Asked September 4, 2020, 11:23 PM EDT

Can I plant perrenials flower seeds no

Wayne County Michigan

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Hello -

I assume you would like to sow these perennial seeds outdoors now? Or do you mean indoors? Some perennials in Michigan require a chilling before they will germinate. Others do not. Many times, if you collect seeds from perennials to start, the plants do not look the same as the original did.

Usually, if I start perennials, I do so in January or February indoors under lights. If they need chilling, I can set them in a protected area outside for a few days. The problem with sewing perennial seeds outdoors now is that they will be small plants when winter hits, and they could die.

Please note that this article is referring to "now" as the end of December!

This article might help:

If you would like to sow some seeds outdoors now, I would recommend looking at some biennial seeds for plants such as Forget me not, Foxglove, Sweet William, Pansy and others. They will grow some foliage and roots this year and flower next year.