Asked September 3, 2020, 9:46 PM EDT

I have many sedum plants: autumn joy, maestro, Matrona. Can these be composted or should they be discarded at the end of the season?

Oakland County Michigan

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Hello! I'd like a little clarification before I answer your question. Are you asking what to do with the old foliage of your sedums this fall, after you cut them back?

Yes Denise, i have so many sedum and they fill up 2 - 3 large composting bags. It seems such a waste. I have read that any little part of sedum not composted will develop into new plants. So, I am leaves to compost it. My compost pile is mainly coffee grounds, leaves and cut grass in an enclosed fenced in square in the sun most of the day. I would be composting foliage, browned out heads and leaves. But, i don;t want to have to be picking out new sedum plants from all the areas i have Spread the compost. Thank you for asking for clarification. Kamilia

Hi Kamilia -
I am not a composting expert. But I'm under the impression that compost should get hot enough to kill any seeds that are contained within it. Plus, your sedum would be composted in the fall, I assume - before our long hard winter. So I doubt that any part of the sedum would survive well enough to start a new plant the following spring.

I think you are safe to compost your sedum, as long as the sedum is free from disease. If the leaves are discolored, or there is rot in your sedum plant, do not compost it. The disease could spread that way.

If you are still concerned about composting your sedum, you could perhaps try a few plants and see if you have any problems come spring.

I hope that I've helped. I'm including the following link about composting in case you'd like more information.

Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply :)

Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply :)