Relocating peach tree with leaf curl?

Asked September 3, 2020, 9:03 PM EDT

We have a peach tree that has a 2.5” trunk. We are looking to move it to another portion of the yard. The past 2 years we have been fighting peach tree leaf curl and it hasn’t be able to produce many fruit. Is it worth relocating? If so, I’ve read for a 2.5” trunk we should dig a 30” root ball and should do this in fall. Is this accurate? If it’s not worth relocating or would be too risky, we would look into getting a new tree.

Genesee County Michigan

1 Response

Yes, fall is the best time and using a root ball for this age of tree is best. It will definitely set your tree back to be transplanted, and it may suffer some permanent problems, depending on the skill of the transplanting. Peach trees are less forgiving than shade trees. A tree with a 30" burlap ball is very heavy. You can hire a landscape company with a tree spade, but this is not cheap. A large portion of the rootsystem will be left in the ground, so the limbs of the transplanted tree should be trimmed back by about a 1/3 in the early spring so that the top and roots are in balance.

A new peach trees grow pretty fast if you get a good tree and plant it properly. A new tree in the new location is probably the best solution, in my opinion.