Ornamental Grasses

Asked September 3, 2020, 7:56 PM EDT

We live in the 49525 area. We have a 195' area at the entrance to our driveway, we'd like to plant colorful ornamental grasses. We currently have three dwarf fountain grasses along the street, so they are hardy for snow and road salt the county lays down. Want to remove the dwarf grasses as they complimented a Globe Blue Spruce that I had to cut down due to gypsy moths. Can you recommend some hardy grassed that may offer some diverse color. We looked up Smoke Signal, and Japanese Blood Grass as possibilities. Looking at two tiers of grasses. Spruce was set up higher with a small 1' curved wall of flagstone that wrapped around the front of the spruce. Thank you, Bob

Kent County Michigan

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Hello. Ornamental grasses are a lovely addition to the landscape! Most of them do best in full sun, is that what you have? My suggestions are for sun loving plants so if you have shade please write back. Smoke Signal is a native grass and is beautiful. The Japanese blood grass does not grow in a clump and may be difficult to keep weed free. Prairie dropseed is also a native and is a smaller grass. Some taller ones would be calamagrostis stricta and panicum varieties like ‘Shenandoah’. I hope this helps!