pruning an older concord grape vine in linn county

Asked September 3, 2020, 1:23 PM EDT

Last year I cut my old concord grape vine back 20' or so. This year I don't have nearly the produce but a lot of foliage. Can I cut the foliage back to allow more light into the interior of the vine where the grapes live?

Linn County Oregon

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Yes, prune judiciously though. I cut leaves instead of vines unless they are really overgrown. Cutting the leaves opens up the interior to the light but hopefully not blasting sunlight that will sunburn the grapes. Look at the leaves and cut where the light will hit the grapes in the morning or afternoon but not all day. That should ripen the grapes a little faster.
I have attached a link from Oregon State on Growing Table Grapes with info on pruning:
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