Leaving Dead Grass/Weeds in Dirt After Tilling

Asked September 2, 2020, 9:51 PM EDT

I'm starting a new lawn and am planning to round up the grass/weeds, till it (without removing dead grass/weeds), rake it smooth, then plant new grass. I was wondering, is it recommended to get the old grass/weeds out before planting the new grass? If so, why? Thanks!

St. Mary's County Maryland

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If you are tilling, you do not have to remove the old grass/weeds before planting the new grass.


Hello Marian,

Does it matter if I kill off all the grass first before tilling it into thr ground? Also, I read somewhere that to redo your lawn, you should apply two rounds of roundup. Once to kill off the majority of thr grass. Then water the dirt to get any remaining weeds to germinate and roundup again. Is this helpful?


You save yourself time and expense and save the environment an unnecessary pesticide application by just tilling first and then killing back what comes up after.
(If you already did it, that's ok.).
You have time to get a soil test done, which is an excellent first step.

Our lawn page can be found here: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/lawns and covers all the steps to a successful renovation. The Renovation information includes a link to the soil testing information.