Ground nesting bees

Asked September 1, 2020, 11:10 PM EDT

I'm curious to know what kind of bee builds a hive in the ground. Everything I've read about ground-nesting bees is that they're solitary, and don't build hives. I've had some living under the edging of one of my beds. Every time I bumped it with the lawn mower, a handful would fly around a bit, confused but not aggressive, and usually settle down after a few minutes. Today, they did not settle down, and one of them stung me in the ankle. This is right in the middle of my yard, and out of concern for me and my dog, they had to go. My husband dug out a softball sized hive, so these were not solitary mining bees, like I thought. They're much smaller and not as fuzzy as bumblebees. I have those nesting elsewhere, and they're fine. They're not wasps. We both got stingers to prove that. So what other kind of ground bee builds a hive? They're still flying around the area, and I need them to move along. Of course, a bird swept in and ate the dead one I shook off my leg before I could get a picture.

Macomb County Michigan

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Can you clarify what you mean by "we've got stingers to prove that."? Do you mean the stinger remained in the skin?

Are you able to get a picture of the insect? At this time of year, yellow jackets are active and nest in the ground. The other possibility would be a hive of feral bees that have swarmed from a nest.