Oak Tree Safety

Asked September 1, 2020, 7:53 PM EDT

I have a mature swamp white oak with a double trunk. It seems that a split is forming between where the two trunks connect. I want to know if is the tree safe to keep. It is close to my neighbors house as well as a mine. If it needs to be removed. I am curious if there are companies that will remove the tree free in exchange for lumber it would produce? Seem silly to pay for removal and give them good wood too.

Wayne County Michigan

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Without seeing a photo of the tree or any other additional information, I can only comment that if you are concerned about a safety issue with the tree you should take action to have a certified arborist come out to have a look at it. I'm attaching a link to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), there you will be able to find an arborist (by clicking on find an Arborist) in your area to call for a consultation. As far as cutting down the tree, the arborist may have more info on cost and/or donations.

I thought I attached a photo before. I did attach one here

Tree barks split for different reasons. The next step is determine why the bark has split. The photo alone does not give me enough information. I suggest you call the hotline so you can have an interactive conversation with one of the hotline volunteers. The hotline phone number is 888-678-3464.