Protecting a bluff with plants

Asked September 1, 2020, 5:03 PM EDT

What plants would be best to grow along the top of a clay bluff along Lake Michigan to stop erosion? Specifically, I am referring to the area just seven miles north of South Have. Thank you. Vicki Turbov

Allegan County Michigan

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Hello, thank you for using MSU Extension Ask-an-Expert with your shoreline planting question. this website at the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership will give you a great list of native plants suitable for planting along any shoreline. Also featured is a list of certified contractors that are qualified if you choose to hire professional assistance. At the top of the bluff, there are a host of shrubs and trees will be suitable combined with some deep rooted natives installed to help stabilize until the larger woody plants can take over. Note what is growing successfully near you and replicate that to create a connected community for local conservation.