Cherry tree problem

Asked September 1, 2020, 10:44 AM EDT

My cherry tree was gorgeous last year but is looking bad this year with discolored leaves few cherries & blooms that came at the same time as the leaves. Had tent worms this summer but trimmed branches where they were present & they seem to be gone.

Presque Isle County Michigan

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This late in the season it can be pretty difficult to identify all of the different causes for what you are seeing on your cherry tree. I suspect that most of the damage began earlier in the season and the responsible parties are long-gone by now. I would highly recommend that you purchase one of our pocket guides for IPM scouting in Michigan Stone Fruits. They can be purchased online via the MSU Bookstore:
One very common cause for the general thinning in the tree canopy that you are seeing, is a fungal disease called Cherry Leaf Spot caused by the pathogen Blumeriella jaapii . This disease will continue to spread within the tree this fall and could cause further defoliation, which will weaken the tree and reduce its vigor going into the next season. You can read more about Leaf Spot and fall control options in this article from MSU Extension: post-harvest_cherry_leaf_spot_applications