Identifying Weed in Yard

Asked August 31, 2020, 5:37 PM EDT

This weed was present when we bought our home 3 years ago, but this year has really started to take over. I would like to hope shar it is to control it. I've never seen it flower, which is why i'm unsure it's ground ivy/ creeping Charlie.

Wayne County Michigan

1 Response

This weed appears to be in a violet. You say it has not flowered but is it in an area where you mow? If so, then you are probably mowing off the flower and seed heads. At any rate, this is thick rhizome (root) structure, hand pulling or digging is not effective for control. I am providing a link below to a Penn State article that will give you an overview of the life cycle as well as a list of herbicides with active ingredients that have proved effective with violet control. Note that repeat applications may be necessary over the course of a growing season. Hope that helps and good luck!