What is wrong with my bell peppers?

Asked August 31, 2020, 12:32 PM EDT

What is wrong with my bell peppers? Is this sunscald? They seemed to be doing really well until recently?

Pender County North Carolina

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Based on the photos you sent, and considering the hot, humid weather and heavy dew we have been getting at night, that your peppers have anthracnose in them. It is a disease problem that is common in tomatoes and peppers (both are in the Solanacea plant family) and while genetic resistance / high tolerance to this disease is the best way to manage it, many varieties on the market do not have great tolerance.

There are fungicides available to spray but many of them listed in these publications (see links) require a pesticide applicator license to purchase them.

I am attaching links to fact sheets from Clemson University Extension and Ohio State University Extension on this disease. They are a little more current than the one we have available from NCSU.