Why didn't I get any beets?

Asked August 31, 2020, 7:59 AM EDT

I started a new garden last year and added soil and manure this year. There was some foliage but that's it. I planted them in a square where I had added soil and manure. Although last year they were in soil that was mainly sandy. Neither year did I get any beets. What is wrong with the soil?

Kanabec County Minnesota

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You may have over fertilized. High nitrogen makes them grow tops and not roots. Were they thinned? They need to have space between the seedlings and as they grow. Beet seedlings are delicious in a salad or cooked. I thin mine almost as soon as they come up. I also thin until as needed so a beet is never touching another. The pH of your soil is unlikely the problem if you tried growing them in sandy soil last year.