identify a plant

Asked August 30, 2020, 11:03 AM EDT

Hello, This plant is a "volunteer", growing in my garden in two places. It is large, about 3" x 3" and placed itself next to my white hydrangeas, so it has gone unnoticed until now. I am wondering what it is and should I keep it in my garden. Having moved from Los Angeles about a year ago, I am new to Maryland and the Eastern Shore, Any input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Dorchester County Maryland

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The is pokeweed, a native plant here. It is beneficial to wildlife (great berries for birds--who spread the berries), but not something you'd want in a manicured landscape. If you have natural or wild areas, it's great.

It gets a huge tuber, so you may have to dig it out if it has been there for a few seasons. Do so before it gets huge. If you grasp it exactly at the soil line, you may be able to pull it out. Otherwise, the stem breaks off.

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Although this is the edible plant referred to in the popular song "Poke Salad Annie", it can also be poisonous.