Canning Jade green beans?

Asked August 30, 2020, 12:00 AM EDT

Hi there, I ran across an old post of yours about Jade green beans and it describes my love hate relationship to a T-- I like to can beans for eating in the winter and 6 separate pickings sounds great-- I have grown Kentucky Wonders mainly because my mom always did. So-- are Jades good for canning? If so, they might be my new go to bean! You are in the north like I am, so I am looking for something that will tolerate some of our shorter summers. Thanks for any info you have.

Thurston County Washington

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Hi, I think I found the old post to which you are referring. Somehow this question was shuttled to me in Oregon. Isn't it interesting how our parents' choices become our choices until we stop and think a bit?

Certainly try Jade bush beans, they should be just fine for canning. Bush beans in general tend to have a shorter harvesting window than pole beans. The solution is to plant twice, 2 or 3 weeks apart if in fact you want more beans.

I would spend some time reading seed catalogs this winter specifically looking for beans that mature quickly for cooler seasons. Also look for varieties that specify great flavor and staightness since curly beans are a bother when canning. You also might try 2 different varieties each year. There are a lot of options so I'm confident that you will find the perfect bean for your needs.