Asked August 29, 2020, 11:26 PM EDT

Hello! Recently purchased a home and wish to xeriscape the front yard for low maintenance and low energy consumption purposes. Wondering if there are any resources that can point me to drought resistant, native plants (preferably those that naturally grow within 50 miles of Lexington) that I can use to design around and then fill out the new yard with. So they would also need to be purchasable. We unfortunately have two quite large tulip poplars that are already established in the yard, which they're fine (and I believe native), but I don't particularly want the fall maintenance. They're too much hassle to take out however, and they provide the house with good shade, though my houseplants hate that! Any resources specific to this area would be great! I've spent most of my life in Florida or Texas, so still trying to learn this ecosystem and growing zone.

Fayette County Kentucky

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You have asked a near impossible for this area! We can talk native plants to Kentucky, we can talk dry shade plants, and we can talk plants that are easy to find in stores. But I'm afraid it's near impossible to find a plant that hits all 3 of those points. But we'll help you all we can!
Here are 2 resources that can get you started,
- Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center Kentucky recommended- this one will help with trees and shrubs that are native, https://www.wildflower.org/collections/collection.php?start=0&collection=KY&pagecount=10&pagecount=50
- Pocket field guide to Kentucky's Wildflowers and Native Grasses, this one will help with perennials and grasses that are native - https://www.louisvillewater.com/sites/louisvillewater.com/files/user_uploads/Water%20Quality/Wellhead%20Protection/SRAG%20200%20%20Pocket%20field%20guide%20Ky%20wildflowers.pdf

For any further help, i would recommend calling us directly at the Fayette Extension Office at (859) 257-5582 and speaking with either Jamie or Carrie. Thanks!