red flowers

Asked August 29, 2020, 1:14 PM EDT

I found this flower yesterday. It is at ground level, about 4 inches long with no discernable foliage. Tight against a landscaping timber in a flowe garden area that has not been tended or cultivated for 4-5 years. Interested in knowing what it is. Kind of unusual. Thx. Norm Charles

Ingham County Michigan

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May we have one more clear picture showing the inside of the flower? It is important to ID to see how many stamens, color, etc inside. Thank you

Thx for quick response. Impressive! As I tried to position the blossom for another pic I discovered that it was attached to a long, hidden runner from a trumpet vine. Mystery solved.

Very good! Trumpet vines are very hardy and some consider them too agressive, but pretty