Triangle back shape spider

Asked August 28, 2020, 1:37 PM EDT

What is this spider?
It has 4 white/transparent legs at the backside and 4 black legs on the front side.
The reason it has only 2 black legs is because it seems it has lost the other two front legs.
And it's body is a very strange shape, looks like its cut off in the middle but it's not.
At first, I thought it's not a spider, but then it started to release a bit of his web.
Found it on my grapes.

Outside United States

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East Europe.
Never seen such a spider in my country.

I'm not familiar with this species. One good option would be to post it on together with the location. I can keep looking into it and I'll let you know if I find anything

Thx I will post it there. But as I stated, I found it in grapes whitch where imported. So my location could be irrelevant.

True indeed. But it's possible that someone will recognize it anyway. Do you have any idea where they were imported from?

Fascinating - I didn't know spider molt, like snakes.
Do all spider molt?
He regrew his front legs, but unfortunately lost one of the back legs in the process.

Wow, cool! Yes, all spiders molt. Any feedback on your iNaturalist post?

Not yet, but I did some reaserch myslef.
Looks like it could be a crab spider. It does look like he's moving sideways abit like a crab.
Also he's front legs are bigger like a crab.

Got an answer from iNaturalist.
It's a " Pistius truncatus "

Wow, I've never heard of that one. Apparently it is native to Europe, the only species in the genus (others in Asia). Very cool