plum tree foliage

Asked August 28, 2020, 10:52 AM EDT

do you know what is causing this damage to the leaves of this santa rosa plum. it is in its 3rd year of growth. i send pix in april and the response was that it might be phytotoxicity. since then, i have not applied any chemicals of any type to the tree, only sunshine and rain, and things have not improved. i live in western baltimore county.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- although there are some minor leaf symptoms that could have been caused by multiple factors (fungal leaf spot, insect feeding, environmental stress such as strong winds/storms and compacted soil), the tree appears to be relatively healthy and made good shoot growth. Rake up and dispose of leaves as they fall off the tree this fall and keep it watered during any extended dry periods.

Prune out the upright soft shoots and cut back other shoots. Plum is pruned top a vase shape with tiers of scaffold limbs.

Santa Rosa is somewhat self-fertile but makes more fruit and larger fruit when a pollenizer cultivar is planted nearby.