Roma tomato thief

Asked August 27, 2020, 8:24 PM EDT

Hello experts,

I have a vigorous Roma tomato plant in a raised planter bed (4 ft off of the ground) and some kind of varmint is stealing my ripening Roma's! The whole tomato is gone, with no plant damage, the bare stems remain. I found one tomato on the ground, otherwise the critter is making a clean getaway with my tomatoes!
I covered the plant with bird netting about a week ago and that hasn't made a difference. Any idea what kind of thief is taking my tomatoes?

Arapahoe County Colorado

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It is likely raccoons. Their top two favorite foods: corn and tomatoes. They will take a tomato completely off the vine unlike some other critters that may only take a bite or two and leave it. Raccoons are also mostly nocturnal, so it is more difficult to see them because they are operating at night rather than most other critters who are in the garden during the daytime hours.

Here is a link on damage prevention and control methods: