Which plants are actually invasive?

Asked August 27, 2020, 6:02 PM EDT

I was looking to make sure I do not add any invasive species to any of my gardens, but I have run into a major issue: Lane County has a small handful of invasive species listed while the Portland Plant List from 2016 includes many many more plants in different classifications. Which data should I use? I feel like Portland's climate is so similar to Eugene that ignoring the plants considered invasive there is unwise. Is there a more comprehensive list of invasive species, or should I trust that Lane County has chosen the invasive species list with the best interests of the environment in mind?

Lane County Oregon

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I am not sure how either county makes their list, that would be a question for the county offices. Sometimes the lists are based on what they can manage and eradicate. The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is responsible for classifying and prioritizing invasive weeds. I suggest using the ODA list (https://www.invasive.org/species/list.cfm?id=56) and noxious weed profile (https://www.oregon.gov/oda/programs/weeds/oregonnoxiousweeds/pages/aboutoregonweeds.aspx) and cross referencing the Lane County list.